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On 2004, Institut Karite Paris was created!

It is the first French brand to sell only products which are enriched in Shea, known for its multiple virtues.

Ever since its creation, Institut Karité Paris has always tried to give every type of beauty, of any age, the benefits of shea. Because every type of skin has specific needs throughout a lifetime, IKP adapts its treatments to suit your needs at every stage.

Whether awaiting a happy event or enjoying a relaxing holiday, from the purity of our 100 pure Shea butter to the floral and fruity femininity of the So Wonderful collection… shea is our best ally.

Today, IKP continues to explore the power of this ingredient in treatments with fresher textures, to keep captivating your senses and to apply passion and creativity to celebrating the power of this ingredient, whose countless cosmetic benefits never cease to surprise and amaze.


With SHEA & Lemon Verbena Perfume


Shea Butter is used since many years because of these exceptional properties so as its multiple purposes. This multi-purpose product has become a natural universal and irreplaceable care.

A magic product to take everywhere, discover the different ways to use it for daily needs!

For hair

On the tips of the hair or as a hair mask before the shampoo to nourish dry hair.

For bath

The Shea butter will make the bath gentler for a pure moment of relaxation.

Hand care

Shea Butter known for its regenerating and nourishing proprieties is perfect to cure chapped and dry hands.

Body care

An effective care to moisturize the body.


Shampoo 30ml
Conditioner 30ml
Shower Gel 30ml
Lotion 30ml
Lotion (tube) 22ml
Hand Soap 26gm
Bath Soap 40gm

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