Established in 1916, Carlo Magnani created a fragrance destined for timeless success: Colonia.

Founded in Italy and made in Italy, Acqua Di Parma began as a perfume company, intended to scent the handkerchiefs of elegant men, Acqua di Parma Colonia, the first true Italian eau de cologne.

Acquired by LVMH in 2001, the brand entered the luxury spa market well known to the world today. Acqua Di Parma is available in 20 countries with 5 Boutiques (Milan, Rome, Paris, Miami & Dubai). Brand value: master simplicity, perfect imperfection, sunny sophistications.


Blu Mediterraneo Arancia Di Capri

Timeless, classic and discreet. The iconic fragrance crafted from sunny Sicilian citrus fruits is an elegant and fresh embodiment of the best of Italy. With a citrusy heart from lavender and damask rose blend, the scent rounds with woody notes of vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli at the base.

This fruity fragrance is characterized by bright and radiant top notes of orange, mandarin and lemon scents. At its heart, petit grain notes merge with intense cardamom aroma while the base of this fragrance is rounded off with a light touch of caramello and sensual notes of musk.

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Hair Conditioner 40ml | 75ml

Bath & Shower Gel 40ml | 75ml

Body Lotion 40ml | 75ml

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