The Verde Collection showcases a rich array of botanical extracts including olive leaf, basil, grape seed, lemon, and fig, designed to pamper the body and invigorate the senses.

Its inviting scent blends zesty citrus lemon peel with the essence of Mediterranean botanicals, while grape seed extract purifies and hydrates the skin, and coconut oil promotes hair health, imparting a lustrous shine and softness.

Invigoratingly fresh green leaves, ripe black currants, and refreshing ozonic undertones blend harmoniously, infusing a sensual core with creamy muguet, freesia blooms, Arabian jasmine, and yellow rose petals. The fragrance concludes with a warm, balsamic dry down, culminating in an unforgettable scent experience.

Green Tea, Jasmine, Rose

G&S Verde Shampoo 30ml

G&S Verde Conditioner 30ml

G&S Verde Shower Gel 30ml

G&S Verde Body Lotion 30ml

G&S Verde Shampoo 60ml

G&S Verde Conditioner 60ml

G&S Verde Shower Gel 60ml

G&S Verde Body Lotion 60ml

Verde 42gm white soap in (Flow wrap)

Verde 70gm soap (Flow wrap)

Dispenser System


  • G&S Verde Shampoo Mini 360ml

  • G&S Verde Conditioner Mini 360ml

  • G&S Verde Bath Gel Mini 360ml

  • G&S Verde Lotion Mini 360ml

  • G&S Verde Hand Wash Mini 360ml

Disappearing Mini Bracket