Go Green with Refillable Dispensers

Go green with our extensive selection of attractive shower dispensers and amenities designed to provide guests the ultimate sensory experience. Bottles are tamper-proof, but can be opened and refilled by housekeeping using gallons/ bulk product, once product is depleted.

Available in three types, Ultralux, Disappearing Mini Bracket, and Stand-Alone, we offer a Standard Bulk Refill for selected brands.

Refillable System

Ultralux Metal/ABS

Disappearing Mini Bracket

Stand Alone Dispenser

Locking aluminum brackets mount easily and are available in single, double, or triple brackets in 9.6 ounce (285ml). The Ultralux system offers flexibility of either refillable or nonrefillable bottles and is designed with a liquid viewing window, easy for housekeeping operationally and ensures minimal waste. Available in metal and ABS.

The individual lockable aluminum mini-brackets are mounted easily with 3M tape and remain hidden behind each bottle. The bracket can be opened using the key and is attached by sliding the bottle on and closing the lid to secure.

Stand Alone Dispenser comes with a bulk refill of a standard 5 Liter gallon. Bottle usually comes with a viewing window to indicate the volume left in the bottle.


Ormond Jayne London


Bulk refill is supplied with convenient pump that allows the housekeeper to decant the product direct into dispenser or their desired refill bottle. Available in gallons (US) or 5L (EMEA/APAC) containers. Widely recyclable. Refill and cleaning guidelines are available upon request.

Standard Bulk Refill

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